The Answer, questioned

The most sensible commentary on Allen Iverson I’ve yet seen, from Sixers blog Depressed Fan (and isn’t that a great name?):

I’m on the record against this move from pretty much every basketball angle imaginable, but now that it’s happened I just have to move on.

I’m truly glad Iverson accepted the non-guaranteed contract, to me it says he’s serious about wanting to play basketball, he’s got something to prove and essentially he ceded the control of the team back to the three Eds, for better or worse. Iverson is essentially on double-secret probation until January 10th (or until he lights up the scoreboard and it would be financial suicide to cut him). Missed practices, explosions in the press, chasing his wife around naked waving a gun, any episodes like this could end his NBA career abruptly, so hopefully he’ll keep his nose clean for the time being.

You have to figure that A.I. is not known for humility — not now, not ever — but if he wants to play, he’s going to have to toe the line.

And where does this leave rookie Jrue Holiday? When the Sixers were here in OKC, Jrue basically made life miserable for Russell Westbrook; Iverson can’t defend against a Skee-Ball machine.

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