Oh, De Beers you’ll drink

Is this really a girl’s best friend? Maybe not:

Diamonds demotivator

Besides, there’s this:

I never got the expensive jewelry thing. I would feel terrified to wear something that was worth more than the vehicle I drive.

In this lifetime, I’ve bought exactly one engagement ring. I have no idea where it is. (Neither does the recipient; it was stolen during a burglary about 30 years ago.) This doesn’t exactly discourage me from doing it again — at least, not as much as there being a total lack of potential recipients — but it’s disheartening at the very least.

And what’s that they say? “Two months’ salary?” If Kelley Blue Book is to be believed, that’s worth more than the vehicle I drive.


  1. fillyjonk »

    6 December 2009 · 2:38 pm

    I know more than a few women of my generation who opted for either a different kind of stone (preferably one mined in North America: I know someone who had an amethyst engagement ring and it was really quite pretty) or no ring at all because of the diamond “cruelty” issue. (And I kind of lean that way myself. Not that I anticipate ever wearing an engagement ring, at this point.)

    I guess I’ve hit Holly Golightly’s minimum age for wearing diamonds, but I still can’t quite see doing it. I guess I have more the “repurposed vintage typewriter key on a length of silk corde” type of lifestyle than the diamond lifestyle.

  2. paulsmos »

    6 December 2009 · 5:36 pm

    Yeah, and fruits/vegetables are picked by oppressed migrant Latinos and clothing is sewn by sweat-shop Asiatics…Blah Blah Blah!

    I’ll buy as many baubles, eat as much produce, and wear any garment I like.

    kiss my ass, bleeding hearts.

  3. fillyjonk »

    6 December 2009 · 7:47 pm

    Eh, I need to eat. But I don’t need diamonds. If I can reduce my load of contributing to misery in the world (even in my own mind), I will.

  4. Kay Dennison »

    6 December 2009 · 10:45 pm

    Diamonds aren’t this girl’s best friend. Seeing “Blood Diamond” killed any desire I might have had ever for them. And getting married again is too high a price to own one anyway. LOL

  5. Lisa Paul »

    7 December 2009 · 11:30 pm

    Well, for true ecologically sound political correctness, there’s a California company that will compress the ashes of your cremated pet (or spouse) into a diamond, or reasonable facsimile thereof. See, I told you we in the Golden State think different.

  6. CGHill »

    8 December 2009 · 9:24 am

    Frankly, I think I’d be more useful as mulch, but maybe that’s just me.

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