Strange search-engine queries (201)

Before you ask: I expect to be doing these things for quite a while, inasmuch as I don’t have a defined exit strategy.

green shoes with orange dress:  And thank you for coming by, Mrs Obama.

george w bush coitus with a Ford Mustang:  I’ve heard people say they’d been screwed by Dubya, but I’ve never heard that from a car.

most beautiful in the ward:  Which is why she got moved to a private room shortly thereafter.

I have icons that are replicating:  Perhaps you should keep them farther apart on the desktop.

my legs are ugly and crooked:  Four out of five fashionistas recommend pants.

dreams that involve freon:  Now banned by the EPA, lest you have nightmares about the ozone layer.

how to ban zombies from vent:  Fill it up with Congressmen. The zombies will quickly starve to, well, not death exactly, but something.

the question do transmissions work comes up occasionally:  Usually right about the time you’re writing a large check.

“…I don’t do this sort of thing” ayn rand:  Neither did Dominique Francon, at least at first.

chuck berry naked pics:  You must be playing with your own ding-a-ling.

“dicky fallin”:  Maybe Chuck Berry can help.

uranus hazards:  Oh, please. You’re not even trying anymore.

Obligatory Rule 34 item: trailing fudge nuts.

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  1. unimpressed »

    8 December 2009 · 3:33 am

    Please, don’t stop doing these. I like ’em.

    (Right place, this time.)

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