Host with the most?

The DreamHost surfer dudes, who have hosted this place for five years now, went through considerable sorrow and pain last year, rather a lot of which was passed down to their unsuspecting customers. (One database machine I remember was thoroughly hosed, and not in a good way either.)

And their rep took a substantial hit:

Every time we had a server crash: “Overselling.” A network fubar: “They’re overselling.” A panel bug: “Didn’t your mama ever teach you about overselling?” A power outage? “Oh yeah, sign up for DreamHost if you happen to like a fresh bunch of OVERSELLING!!!

Of course, the power outages didn’t help. Nor did the weird problem between our two core routers that made our entire network suck eggs for six weeks this summer.

What’s an egg-sucking hosting company to do? Well, if everyone thinks they’re overselling, then they’ll sell (slightly) less:

Every day, starting tomorrow, the amount of starting disk and bandwidth we offer new customers (this does not affect existing customers at all!) will drop. You can see the amounts here.

Of course, once the new customers are snagged, they can benefit from the ridiculous disk and bandwidth increases that we old-timers enjoy. (My current disk limit is 333 GB; I’m allowed 3.95 TB — this is not a typo — of pipe per month.) And incidentally, my Web-server machine is being moved Monday night to the New and Improved Datacenter.


  1. Diane »

    6 January 2007 · 10:47 am

    That’s where I went for “Angels” C.G. So far so good and Lord knows I’m hard to please. LOL I’ll weigh back in after a month or so.

  2. Neil »

    6 January 2007 · 11:17 am

    I’m with dreamhost as well, and I almost left them several times. There was another problem every other day last year.

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