The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) has decided that “hymen,” the word itself, has got to go:

Etymologically, the term “hymen” comes from the Greek word for “membrane.” In Swedish, the hymen used to be called “mödomshinna,” which translates literally as “virginity membrane.” In fact, there is no brittle membrane, but rather multiple folds of mucous membrane. A vaginal corona, in other words.

And that’s the term they prefer. In Swedish, it’s “slidkrans.”

RFSU has issued a booklet [pdf] which explains the motivation for the change, and which also addresses “myths about virginity,” a condition often associated with the corona in question.

The myths surrounding the hymen were created to control women’s freedom and sexuality. The only way to counteract this is by disseminating knowledge.

There was no comment from organist Dick Hyman.

(Via Ann Bartow, Feminist Law Professors.)

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