Carpe per diem

As actual Latin, it’s canine at best; as advice to traveling Federal employees, it’s almost sensible.

For fiscal year 2010, the standard per diem rate in the Lower 48 is $116 a day: $70 for lodging, $46 for meals and incidentals. However, if you’re coming to OKC or Tulsa, you’ll be paid more: $150 in Oklahoma City ($84 for your room, $66 for everything else), or $142 in Tulsa ($81 and $61 respectively).

Here’s the catch: the OKC per diem rate applies only in Oklahoma County. The Tulsa rate applies in four counties: Tulsa, Creek, Rogers and Osage.

Aside to readers who may think I’m encouraging needless Federal spending: hey, I’ve seen $84 hotel rooms in this town. Nobody gets to play plutocrat on that kind of budget.

(Suggested by Charles Pergiel, who has compiled all this data into a spreadsheet.)

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