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MC Thumbtack on “If This Is It”:

I was working in the record store when this came out and I was at the time heavy into buying import singles of post punk bands and working on maintaining my edgy, yet sophisticated personality that was trying to say “Hey, I’m totally 80s without being, you know, totally 80s.” Because there were two kinds of 80s. There was the New Order 80s and there was the Huey Lewis 80s.

If ever I need to reconcile these two sets of 80s, I need only turn back partway through the 70s — to Elvis Costello’s My Aim Is True, on which the backing is provided by California country-rockers Clover, whence came, yes, Huey Lewis. It’s a tenuous connection, since neither Lewis nor latter-day Clover keyboardist Hopper, who joined Lewis in the News, actually played behind Costello, but it’s enough to justify my attention to both tines of that forking decade.

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  1. Lisa Paul »

    2 January 2010 · 6:42 pm

    Six Degrees of Separation, my friend. And I believe Kevin Bacon provided backup vocals.

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