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Yet another discovery from the Map:

Erie by Romantic Soles

You’re looking at “Erie” by Romantic Soles, and this is the pitch for the line:

Young, stylish, sophisticated, comfy, and affordable. These words are not commonly used in the same sentence, let alone featured in the same shoe. Romantic Soles has turned something that people usually only dream of into a reality. Amazingly, Romantic Soles manages to provide the latest junior fashions while still offering unbeatable comfort. In today’s world, perception is king. Young people no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style. Every shoe couples a comfort-oriented sole with a fashionable upper — and a hint of sass. It is hard not to develop a romantic love affair with every single pair!

Which left me wondering: when does a woman become too old to wear something like this? Does it reek of “prom shoe”? (Would the blue and black versions carry the same baggage?)

“Erie” sells for a modest $65.


  1. GradualDazzle »

    3 January 2010 · 8:31 pm

    Oooh, those are pretty! But I confess, I would not choose them because they don’t look like they would be comfortable. I used to think it was because I was so overweight, but now that I’m not, I still find heels to be uncomfortable unless they’re a little more substantial. It’s probably as you say — the age thing. They *are* a little young for me, I suppose.

  2. Kay Dennison »

    3 January 2010 · 11:58 pm

    I think the heels are too dang high! I’d prolly break my ankles if I tried to wear them. I’m into comfort rather than fashion these days.

  3. CGHill »

    4 January 2010 · 8:49 am

    Trini took one look at these and declared: “Prom shoes.”

  4. Francis W. Porretto »

    4 January 2010 · 9:14 am

    “Which left me wondering: when does a woman become too old to wear something like this?”

    On her seventeenth birthday. You might see them at the Junior Prom, but not at the Senior version. Apropos of “senior,” they might return to employment when she passes her seventieth birthday. Before that, not likely.

  5. Lynn »

    4 January 2010 · 10:01 am

    A slightly padded insole is not enough to make an uncomfortable shoe comfortable.

    I have been wearing “old lady shoes” since I was a teenager because I never could get into the whole suffering for fashion thing. However, I strenuously protest the notion that a woman is ever too old to wear anything she damn pleases and comments like that make me want to go out and get a pair of “prom shoes” even though I know I probably wouldn’t be able to walk in the silly things.

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