Strange search-engine queries (205)

Why, yes, I’d rather be vacationing in Hawaii, thank you, but hey, the logs wait for no one, so here we go with this week’s installment.

Lesley Gore Where is she now:  Oh, come on. You don’t own her. She’s not just one of your many toys.

“wake a sleeping student”:  Tell him there’s a pop quiz. That will usually get his attention.

hubby saw wife on cam:  And a double overhead cam at that.

don’t piss off the pillsbury dough boy cheezburger:  I can haz cressunt rollz?

item you can bury to have an immense value:  Just about any current cap-and-trade proposal will be much better buried.

myrna loy’s unfortunate legs:  What’s unfortunate is how little we got to see them.

who was alive in the year 0:  Nobody you’d know, I suspect.

people you never thought you’d see naked:  Nobody you’d know, I suspect.

what type of exercise can a male to female crossdresser do to get a smaller waist:  Just pulling up stockings will work those abs.

“grit eating scum”:  Most of the scum I know won’t touch grit, as an entree anyway.

what’s a spendophobia:  A rare condition, to which government office-holders are largely immune.

Obligatory Rule 34 item: has shirley jones ever posed topless?

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  1. Jeffro »

    4 January 2010 · 10:20 pm

    “wake up a sleeping student”

    You can always try the hand in the warm bowl of water trick.

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