Scott vs. Scott

In the two-game Scott Brooks vs. Scott Skiles series, it’s a draw: the Bucks won this one at the Bradley Center, 103-97, though it took 53 minutes and a whole lot of hustle to do it. And that hustle was apparent all the way through: Milwaukee put up 99 shots during regulation, and seven more in the overtime. If they only hit 42 of them — 39.6 percent — well, they had a few other weapons going for them, including a healthy Michael Redd (27 points) and a fearsome Andrew Bogut (23 points, 15 rebounds). The Bucks collected 54 rebounds in all, including 19 off the offensive glass, which explains how they got to put up 106 shots in the first place. And they turned the ball over only nine times.

The Thunder, meanwhile, hit 36 of 84 for 42.9 percent, and Russell Westbrook had one of his best nights ever: 17 points, 13 dimes, nine rebounds, just one board short of a triple-double. Kevin Durant got his seventh consecutive 30-plus game, with 31. But nobody else in Thunder blue made it to double figures, and OKC missed eight of 31 free throws and 12 of 14 treys.

So that’s the end of the winning streak. Unfortunately, the Bulls are on one of their own, and that’s who’s next on this road trip.

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