A million words

Not to be confused with a thousand pictures, this is the answer I give, usually qualified with “somewhere around,” when someone asks how much stuff is on this here Web site. (And actually, there probably are a thousand pictures; just pulling the graphics directory via FTP accounts for nearly 100k of bandwidth.)

Eventually it occurred to me to install a WordPress gizmo that will count the words in the current database: this includes all the posts since the second week of September 2006, plus my share of the comments. Up through post #9666, says said gizmo, I have put up … 2,277,421 words. This does not include any of the Vents or any of the material that’s outside WordPress.

Incidentally, post #9666 is the 6,966th post in that series. The reason for this is simple: at one point, WordPress decided to start keeping every single version of every single post, each of which gets its own ID number. By the time I figured that out and put a stop to it, I’d burned through about 2700 extra database entries, most of which have now been ruthlessly excised.

Even more incidentally, the Movable Type archives, which end right before WordPress kicks in, end with post #7209; if I remember correctly, I wasted 19 entry numbers during those four years, so there were actually 7,190 posts. I suspect that there are at least a million words in that archive also.

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  1. BatesLine »

    7 January 2010 · 11:41 am

    Oklahoma roundup 2010/01/08…

    Charles reports that he has written over 2 million words, and that’s just since the start of his second decade of blogging…

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