O pioneer!

Brad Graham, proprietor of the Bradlands, a site I’ve had bookmarked seemingly since forever, is gone far too soon at forty-one.

He’d be memorable if all he’d done was come up with the term “Must See HTTP://,” but he was eminently quotable just about all the time. For instance, as quoted here seven years ago:

If I had responded to all of the spam e-mail I received in the past two weeks, I would have 350,000 free business cards, 250 miniature radio-controlled toy cars, and would have netted approximately $7.4 billion from assisting various deposed heads of state in securing their rightful fortunes.

Also, my penis would be 56 inches long and I would have seen more than a lifetime’s worth of vaginas and boobies.

There’s a remembrance thread at MeFi.

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