Heck of a name, Mickey

“Awkward” seems fair enough:

The WaPo news section reports … that since the Underpants Bomber, Michael Chertoff has been repeatedly telling the media and anyone who will listen that we need to buy lots of full-body scanners for airports, without mentioning his own financial interest — one of the Chertoff Group’s clients is Rapiscan Systems. (I assume the first syllable of Rapiscan is pronounced with a soft a as in rapid, not a hard a as in rape. If I were planning to sell scanners that pictured people naked, I’d have put some more thought into that name.)

Back in Elizabethan times when I went to school, these were “short” and “long” vowels respectively, rather than “soft” and “hard,” but none of these adjectives make me feel any better about scanners that picture people naked.

(Via Fritinancy.)

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