Frostbitten digits

At the far end of Gwendolyn’s HVAC panel is a squarish button marked AMB; give it a push and it switches the display to a readout of the current exterior temperature, as measured just inside the grille. This might seem antiquated, compared to some of the data-happy displays in contemporary cars, but keep in mind: she’s ten years old now.

(How I’d have done it differently: set that temperature display as the default, and switch back to the interior temperature whenever someone touches the knob to adjust said temperature. I leave the thing sitting on “75° F” year round, so I don’t really need that on display.)

And actually, it’s a fairly smart system: it will not suddenly change temperatures on you just because you backed out of a marginally-warm garage into a horribly-cold street. This almost compensates for Nissan’s refusal to pump any air into the floor vents until the coolant-temperature gauge has budged from below-C level. (You can switch to the upper vents, but of course it’s cold air, and you had enough of that on the way out to the car.)

Having said all that, it’s time to reveal the real reason I brought this up: to show you why David is just loving it in Great Falls.

Twenty-nine below

No, I don’t have a compass. At least, not in the car.


  1. david »

    8 January 2010 · 8:18 pm

    Much obliged, Charles! Even I have to admit, though — and maybe it’s my age talking here — but anything below -20 sort of scares me lately. Last month’s -35 might have “broken” me of my passion for sub-zero temps!

  2. CGHill »

    8 January 2010 · 8:32 pm

    Well, you’d have scoffed at us today. Official low in OKC this morning was 7°. That’s plus 7°.

  3. david »

    9 January 2010 · 9:10 pm

    Heh…practically tropical, by our standards here in MT so far this season!

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