Showdown at Tripwire Junction

The Law of the West, unsurprisingly, honored the laws of physics:

When physicist Niels Bohr watched westerns, he noticed that the cowboy who drew his gun first and so had an advantage, was often the one shot.

The Nobel laureate’s favoured solution to his “gunslinger’s paradox” has now been confirmed in part: people move faster when reacting than when they initiate the same actions.

Such reactive responses are about 21 milliseconds quicker than planned actions, according to research. It means that the gunslinger who draws last, draws faster.

This does not mean, of course, that you should wait:

While drawing and shooting might take less time, any advantage is lost by the 200 milliseconds it takes the brain to notice that the enemy has gone for his gun.

Han Solo was not available for comment.

(Via Scribal Terror.)

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