All by its lonesome

If you seek a distinctive motor vehicle, take heed. The March Automobile Magazine has a feature by Georg Kacher on great Porsche 911s, in which he mentions as one of his favorites the 1987 Clubsport, a variant lacking several creature comforts — radio, glovebox lid, power windows, rear seats — in the interest of saving weight, always a concern of track fiends. Some of that weight was inevitably regained, alas, by the addition of a whale tail seemingly large enough for an actual whale, but 2555 lb is downright feathery by today’s standards.

By ’87, though, says Kacher, “Porsche’s increasingly comfort- and convenience-hungry clientele failed to see the attraction,” and only 329 of the Clubsport coupes were sold over a three-year model run.

And yes, there was a Targa version, of which they sold exactly one. You can’t get a whole lot more distinctive than that.

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