Yet another bad habit (sigh)

Syaffolee would like an explanation: “What is the rationale for putting a facial expression in parentheses?”

Putting (grin) or (smile) at the end of a paragraph or sentence does not make one look more literate or correct. True, both (grin) and : D are shorthands for those who are afraid that all readers will take them the wrong way*, but I would argue that writing an expression within parenthesis is also an indication of pretension and being not with it. At best, one could assume that the browser had a hiccup when trying to render an emoticon. At worst, it’s like claiming a porcelain toilet as po-mo art or orange Kool-Aid as the nihilist’s Minute Maid.

* Rule of thumb: Always assume that your words will be taken the wrong way.

Most of the nihilists I know prefer Tropicana, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway:

This type of written affectation is pointless. Get rid of the wordy facial expressions in your communications and I’m sure people will still get the general gist of your comment. If you really want to smile and grin your way through the internet, upload a video of yourself to YouTube.

Note to self: “Hitler discovers the emoticon.”

Oh, wait…


  1. Kay Dennison »

    5 February 2010 · 10:21 pm

    Indeed!!!!!!! And yeah, I’m laughing as I type this.

  2. Mark Alger »

    5 February 2010 · 11:32 pm

    Tell Syafollee — for me — to take his/her/its literary pretensions and stick them up his/her/its asterisk.



  3. fillyjonk »

    6 February 2010 · 6:31 am

    I was expecting that link to be yet another recaptioning of those three minutes and forty seconds or so from Der Untergang

    perhaps someone will take that as a challenge…

  4. Jenn »

    6 February 2010 · 8:21 am

    I have to agree with Mark. :-D

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