Also known as Scammy McScammer

In Friday morning’s email:

This letter is from World Fund Discovery Management And Payment Bureau inaugurated by the World Financial Service Authority United States Of America/United Kingdom.

This body was set up to discover an outstanding fund being owed to Governments or Individuals all over the world through Contract Payment, Inheritance and Lottery Winning Prize Awards.

This body has been authorized to investigate and make the subsequent payment to any government, organization or individual, to whom its services apply. During our investigation, we discovered an outstanding sum of money in favour of your name and a mandate has been given to this body: World Fund Discovery Management And Payment Bureau to ensure that this fund gets to you without any further delay.

And you’ll have funds, funds, funds, till the scammers take your dollars away.

The only really distinctive aspect of this attempt is the name fabricated for the Director: Dr. Richard McWealth. Seriously. This is about as believable as a male-enhancement product being offered by Miles O. Johnson.

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