Not too young to get married

“What kind of difference can a few years make?” wailed Darlene Love. “I gotta have you now or my heart will break.”

Of course, Darlene was complaining about objections by the parental units. But if he’s reluctant, perhaps you should hand him a calculator:

Mathematicians have come up with a ‘fiancee formula’ that allows men to work out the perfect time to pop the question.

All he needs is the age he would first consider marrying and his cut-off point — and the equation does the rest.

  p = youngest age desired to “settle down”
  n = oldest, &c.

Then calculate [(n – p) x 0.368] + p.

Supposedly, this works just as well if she’s the one who’s not so sure.

Still, this comment seems apropos: “Shouldn’t academics get a girlfriend before they do these surveys?”

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  1. Adam »

    1 March 2010 · 8:52 pm

    To which I can only respond: if they had a girlfriend they probably wouldn’t perform such surveys in the first place!


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