Strange search-engine queries (213)

This weekly feature contains the least-unfunny items from seven days’ worth of search strings leading to this very site; in its only world competition, it took the tin medal.

time compressed movies:  For instance: 1620: A Space Odyssey.

female clothing optional birthdays:  If you can persuade them so, you’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.

insanity nekkid:  Aw, give her a break. It’s her birthday.

Application “Who has seen your profile?” is unavailable:  Perhaps someone was looking at your profile at the time.

what was the name of the country where the sun doesn’t go down:  I dunno, but I bet it’s on the warm side of Mercury.

penis football field:  If he even starts to compare his to one, he lies.

i’m reputedly intelligent:  You’re seeking corroboration, then?

do any rockstars have a prince albert piercing:  I dare say, this question is above my pay grade.

hysterectomy sling anal sex:  And they say I have no patience.

how can i ease my mind the day before an HIV test?  If it’s any consolation, this isn’t the kind of test you have to cram for.

who is more attractive judith miller or maureen dowd:  You tell me:

Judith Miller and Maureen Dowd

Obligatory Rule 34 item: gay sex with old men scholl sandals.

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