No divine right tonight

The Kings must be wondering how many shots they have to make to win a game. Sacramento shot a highly-creditable 53.9 percent, and Rookie of the Year candidate Tyreke Evans knocked down 27 points, but the Thunder got stops late and squeezed out a 113-107 win.

If you read that and thought “Does this mean they didn’t get stops early?” the answer is Yes: the Kings didn’t exactly score at will, but they were efficient, making 41 of 76 from the floor (including five of 16 treys) and 20 of 24 from the stripe. What Sacramento didn’t do was rebound: they picked up only 32, against 43 by OKC.

The Thunder hit 40 of 80, an even 50 percent; they were in the 60s in the second quarter. Two of the Big Three made it to double-double land: Kevin Durant had 39 points and 10 rebounds, and Russell Westbrook came up with 30 points and 13 assists. If your defense isn’t working so well, you might as well have offense, right?

This was the third game of the season series, which OKC now leads 2-1. The fourth will be Sunday at Arco Arena. In between, the Thunder will tangle with the Nuggets (tomorrow) and the Clippers (Friday); the next game at the Ford is a week from Wednesday, against the Hornets.

Addendum: Inspired snark from Royce at Daily Thunder: “Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Thabo Sefolosha combined for 69 of OKC’s 113 total points tonight. Durant and Westbrook had 69 of those.”

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