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Goodbye, Charlie

File this under “She told you so”:

Remember when Mrs. Palin said she didn’t want some death panel deciding whether her son lives or dies? (Trig was born with a genetic condition as well … who gets to decide whether his quality of life is sufficient to fight for?) she was derided and laughed at. Oh, that dumb hick! (how non-judgmental and tolerant!). The words “death panel” do not appear anywhere in the document! Ha ha! Ho ho! (Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon … where did I read that? Hmmm.)

That would never happen, they said. You’re just fear-mongering. LIES!

So in one of their most vaunted examples of Medical Utopia™, exactly what Mrs. Palin was talking about actually happens, the response is “Stop talking about it.” “Shut Up!”

As Mr. Klavan pointed out years ago, “Shut Up” is typically the central thesis of their argument when anyone argues back.

It’s all they have. And they know it.

And through it all, it was almost lost that what they’re really exposing here — when you read between the lines — is not so much that they thought Mrs. Palin was wrong. No.

It’s that they were OK with the death panels from the beginning.

Of course they were. Were it One Of Them, the outcry would be loud and furious. But Those Other People? Screw ’em. One more carbon footprint erased.

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Squirmish expedience

Not everyone is delighted to see Sarah Palin, of all people, endorsing Donald Trump, of all people:

Palin is standing in Ames, Iowa to put her support behind someone who cannot be trusted to protect the unborn, who has twice traded in his wives for younger models (literally), who claims to be for the “little guy” but who has been all-too-willing to use government as a hired thug to line his own pocket, and who spent years making significant donations to Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee.

I miss the Sarah Palin I thought I knew. I miss the tough-talking governor who energized the 2008 ticket. I miss the tea party champion. I miss the brave woman who didn’t just talk the talk, but walked the walk on the pro-life issue, no matter how nasty the attacks on her and her family. I don’t know where this Sarah Palin went, but she wasn’t in Iowa today.

This, of course, assumes that (1) Palin blew it and (2) Trump doesn’t have a chance anyway. Not sure about (1), but I’m pretty sure (2) does not apply.

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Party dressed

An operation called ShePolitico has a YouTube channel containing brief reels (typically two to three minutes) of still pictures of women in world politics, preferably in skirts, set to moderately innocuous music. They’ve done four such of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, this being the most recent:

Having already seen the first three, I suspect they’re finding A-level material harder to find these days.

It was inevitable that they should put together a Carly Fiorina collection, and so they have:

As a skirtwatcher of long standing, I do appreciate this sort of thing, but the only conclusion I can draw from it at this time is that Fiorina’s taste in shoes is much more conservative than Palin’s — not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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The fourth-idiot theory

So how about this Marco Rubio dude? The Z Man is not overly impressed:

After eight years of Obama, the GOP is convinced they must have a non-white at the top of their ticket. So much so Jeb Bush is ready to change his name to Juan Eduardo Arbusto. Since that’s not likely to fly, the GOP has Marco Rubio warming in the bullpen, ready to step in as their man for the nomination. Rubio has the added benefit of the immigrant’s back story. He’s a meat head, but charming with a good narrative to sell.

That’s the thing with Rubio. He’s basically a Cuban Sarah Palin. He’s not stupid, but he is not sitting around working physics problems in his free time either. He’s also a man of pedestrian tastes and sensibilities. Unlike Palin, he has the brown force field around him so no one dare call him stupid or even hint at it, for fear of being called a racist.

A good argument for None of the Above? Not as good as this is:

The last 25 years seem to prove that we could just do away with the office entirely. After all, if the last three idiots could not bring down the nation, the office must hold no power at all, relative to the rest of the country.

But watch that next step: it’s a doozy.

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Battleaxes for peace

Severian has noticed what he calls “a curious fact”:

The “Sarah Palin must go away / Hillary Clinton is so wonderful” crowd are, themselves, almost invariably married.

These are women who, sometime in their early twenties, embraced politics as a religion. Then they hit their late twenties and, as women do, they wanted to get married and start families. But they had to obey the tenets of their faith, and so they went out and found the kind of skinny-yet-pudgy androgynous betaboy chump who does his shopping at Whole Foods and embraces, in all apparent sincerity, a nontraditional gender-neutral civil commitment ceremony with a Wiccan shaman as officiant and donations to “marriage equality” organizations in lieu of gifts.

Now they’re in their thirties, and stuck with these wusses forever.

I quoted this mostly because “skinny-yet-pudgy” sounds like random empty abuse until you actually see someone meeting that description. In this neck of the woods on any given Saturday it takes about forty-five seconds, except in Edmond, not because it has fewer such, but because you’re stuck in traffic.

Disclosures: I have donated to a “marriage equality” organization. I am not, however, skinny, and while I’m perfectly willing to shop at Sprouts, I draw the line at Whole Foods, mostly as an act of budget preservation, and besides, John Mackey has dropped out of sight.

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Meanwhile, far from Wasilla

From the last time I had anything to say on this particular subject:

The very first post I did about Sarah Palin was in early 2007, when she was so far under the radar she’d practically have to wear ridiculous shoes to be seen.

I gather she’s probably enjoying her less-than-household-word status these days, and on the basis of current evidence, I’m pretty sure her tastes in Wacky Footwear have changed not a whit. From a Friday appearance at a forum at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida:

Sarah Palin at Southeastern University

Now historically, I’ve argued that if you have legs like that you should be able to wear any damn shoes you want, and I’m sure that this bondage boot, or whatever it is, is not often seen on college campuses affiliated with the Assemblies of God; but after keeping a close eye on Sarah for six years, I’m thinking that she got into the habit of wearing things like this specifically because it annoyed the hell out of John McCain, and really, who hasn’t wanted to annoy the hell out of John McCain?

(With thanks to The Ledger.)

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Quote of the week

Sarah Palin stumping for the Sarah Steelman campaignThe very first post I did about Sarah Palin was in early 2007, when she was so far under the radar she’d practically have to wear ridiculous shoes to be seen. The GOP attempted to buy her some sartorial splendor, evidently to negligible effect, since she seems to be transitioning to completely ridiculous outfits:

I’m not sure which thought bothers me more: that she chose to wear this outfit all by her lonesome, or that someone picked the outfit for her and she willingly consented to wearing it. This is not okay. This is not even close to okay. This is not even a trailer in the wilderness on the outskirts of the county of okay. This is somewhere between falling into the laundry pile in your fifteen-year-old daughter’s bedroom and the public speaking component of a VH1 reality show about alcoholic motorcycle cougars with social anxiety disorder.

Of course, in Alaska they dress in the dark six months out of the year, or something like that. As Allison Iraheta might say, “Don’t waste the pretty.”

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Without so much as a snarl

For some inscrutable reason, former Senator Arlen Specter felt compelled to describe Sarah Palin this way in his new memoir, Life Among the Cannibals:

“Still, she [Palin] was a total charmer, very friendly. The few things she said were intelligent. We were sitting virtually knee to knee in the cramped bus, and she radiated sensuality. Her skirt rode above her knees — not exactly short, but close.”

Let the record show that Specter isn’t the only geezer who’s gazed lovingly at the Palin gams. On the other hand, Specter, apparently being an equal-opportunity gasbag, also gawked at John freaking Thune:

“John Thune, who looked like a movie star in or out of clothes, was constantly stretching. His lanky body seemed to have some kinks to iron out.”

All I can say is: good thing this isn’t a novel.

(Via The Jane Dough.)

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Palin comparison

Back in the spring, I noted that Julianne Moore had been signed to play Sarah Palin in HBO’s film Game Change, though I grumbled something incoherent about how there was no resemblance whatsoever.

Assuming Just Jared hasn’t been punk’d, I must now eat those words:

Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin

And for good measure, here’s a 50-second (more or less) video teaser:

If nothing else, this demonstrates the validity of the modified adage “The man who says it can’t be done should not interrupt the woman doing it.”

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Meanwhile in Tupelo

First, a mission statement:

Extraordinary Women’s mission is to host Christian women’s events and provide resources that equip women to handle life’s difficulties while enriching their hearts, encouraging their souls and expanding their ministries.

That doesn’t mention anything about providing high-quality promotional pictures, so all I have at the moment is this one shot, courtesy of “Recovering Liberal” M. Joseph Sheppard, of Sarah Palin rocking a not-too-scandalous outfit:

Sarah Palin at Extraordinary Women conference in Tupelo October 22

I must point out that not all of Mr Sheppard’s commenters liked her garb.

(Shot my way by Smitty, since he knew I’d use it.)

Update: Mr Sheppard advises that this shot actually came from the conference in Lynchburg, a couple of weeks earlier. (More info.)

Further update: Missy Stewart has the word from Tupelo.

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Before the Platform Committee

Ideological differences, if any, aside, HuffPo’s Fashion Whip says there’s one reason to prefer Sarah Palin over Michele Bachmann: better shoes.

Michele Bachman announcing her candidacy for PresidentOkay, that’s technically two reasons, or at least two at a time. Chunky sandals in this context, declares the Whip, are just so last century:

Women’s shoes still speak volumes in the political arena, whether or not we like to admit it. In 2005, then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice conveyed U.S. power in knee high boots at a time when America was facing a global PR crisis. More recently, Sarah Palin traipsed from Wasilla to Washington punditry on glamorous stiletto heels, while Michelle Obama encouraged women to feel dressed-up in a pair of pointy flats. The perpetually stylish Jill Biden show how to elongate one’s legs with her daring, nude stiletto heels.

One wonders whether Bachmann’s schlubby shoes are merely her latest political calculation — a two-and-a-half-inch signifier of the everyday mom turned national candidate. Perhaps Bachmann’s jumbled look conveys the aura of a person who can dress for success after more than a decade in elected office, yet is not so pointy-toed as to have stepped beyond her Minnesota roots.

Political calculation is not, of course, impossible, but I don’t think that’s the issue: I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that the same malevolent force that gives Bachmann her migraines might also cause her massive pain at any heel height deemed fashionable.

(Tweeted in my general direction by Michael Bates; a tip of her choice of headgear to Tabitha Hale.)

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Ted gets behind Sarah, sort of

The Sarah Palin sort-of-biopic The Undefeated pulled in about $70,000 at the box office on its first weekend, which is not a lot, but then it opened on only ten screens. (On a per-screen basis, it was second only to that Harry Potter film, which pulled nearly $40,000 per screen on over 4,000 screens; Horrible Bosses, for instance, made $5,625 per screen. Numbers from Box Office Mojo.)

Ted Leonsis, owner of the Washington Wizards (NBA) / Capitals (NHL) / Mystics (WNBA) and, just incidentally, SnagFilms, is offering to help:

We believe in sharing and streaming all films to all audiences. This is the future. We want to build a big tent and show all views and promote all documentaries. Your most passionate fans would quickly and easily see the film. The critics of your work could also be exposed to the film too and perhaps you can shine the light on your work in this way?

If the point is volume and finding a big audience and supporting charities, we can help.

The old way of doing things, in many cases, simply doesn’t work anymore.

Might work better than this few-towns-at-a-time rollout routine.

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Heat diffusion

John Hawkins continues to compile these 20 Hottest Conservative Women lists, and while I am not one to turn up my nose at pulchritude generally, there’s one problem built into all such photographic compilations: even if the judges are taking other factors into account, the presentation is so purely visual that the reader, by default, tends to assume that contender #A is better-looking than contender #(A+9).

Neo-neocon, tongue in cheek, noted that she didn’t make the cut, and asks: “[I]s the entire enterprise a heinously ageist and discriminatory plot?” Nothing so complicated as all that. This is standard male sports-bar stuff, on par with “Would the Celtics have sucked so bad in the playoffs if they hadn’t traded Kendrick Perkins?” Since Boston did trade Perk, there’s obviously no way of knowing for sure.

And we don’t know what criteria the judges were using. I suspect Sarah Palin, #9, lost a couple of points for being too close to 50 and for sounding like Hubert Humphrey on helium, but it’s not like they’re going to disclose the methodology or anything. If you gave me the choice of any of them for a dinner date — let’s not presume beyond that — I’m going with Ann Coulter, #17, because I believe the table conversation, once begun, will never flag, and because there’s not a chance in hell she’ll show up in a peasant skirt. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

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Paging Luornu Durgo

Once upon a time in the DC Universe, there was a young lady who had taken the name Triplicate Girl because she could be in three places at once, a capability I know I’d have found handy from time to time. The Legion of Super-Heroes was certainly happy to have her.

Then one of Brainiac 5’s nastier schemes killed her at one of those three places, after which, logically, she could be in only two places at once. She was accordingly renamed Duo Damsel, and continued her work with the Legion, until one day she showed up on a bus tour:

Sarah Palin and a lookalike, I think

(Purloined from a Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest. None of the 100 or so entries I read went down this particular path, which surprises me not at all.)

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The Slightly Silly Party (US version)

“He’s got the hair, she’s got the shoes,” points out E. M. Zanotti in suggesting a Palin/Trump ticket:

The 2012 GOP field is full of people who we aren’t sure have met civilization yet. A number of them have names more typically found in Harry Potter books. Only one of them spent his high school years in a Dungeons & Dragons themed rock band where he played keyboards inside of a giant cocoon. The worst thing that could happen is that any of them would win the nomination. At this point, the GOP could nominate a tuna melt and it would have as good if not better chance of beating Barack Obama. So I say, why not nominate Sarah Palin and Donald Trump? At least the campaign would be entertaining.

Just think: crazy accents, giant hair (the blow drying bill for that ticket would be astounding), they’d be mostly self-funded, and together, they could drive even the most even-tempered person insane. It can’t really get better.

I’m guessing this isn’t the tuna melt in question.

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Putting the Ass in Aspirational

The Hyacinth Girl doesn’t “get excited about politicians anymore”:

Every single one of them will disappoint, especially Republicans. The problem with most people who want to get into politics is that they either want to be liked or believe they should be liked. Republicans consistently buy into the false narrative written by the media and gleefully embraced and recited by the Left. We lost the culture war in the 1960’s, and we’ve been playing catch up ever since. Republicans don’t want to be the nerds, the unpopular kids, the squares, and they suck up to the media because they view the media as kingmakers. They claim to be outsiders and sometimes they really are, like Sarah Palin, but to believe the lame false narrative, you’ve got to be in the bubble. The rest of us mouthbreathers know that the narrative is bullshit, but when you’re in the political machine — like, say, Newt — you can’t see the forest for the particularly obnoxious tree interviewing you at the moment.

Sarah Palin, I suspect, works the machine just a trifle too well to be completely persuasive as an outsider.

On the other hand, she’s got Gingrich dead to rights: you can be absolutely certain that Newt’s primary concern was, and is, Newt.

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Moore than we bargained for

Peter Morgan’s 2006 play Frost/Nixon — and, for that matter, the 2008 film version, directed by Ron Howard — starred Michael Sheen, who didn’t look much like David Frost, and Frank Langella, who didn’t look even slightly like Richard Nixon.

So I’m not too concerned that HBO has signed Julianne Moore to play Sarah Palin in a film adaptation of Game Change. Moore doesn’t look too much like Palin, but she does look like this:

Julianne Moore in InStyle UK

And far be it from me to complain. (However, see the POH Diaries for an alternative choice.)

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Stalking the wild Woodbury Voter

Sarah Palin shows up at a conference of the Long Island Association, and not only does she not ask if there are any shorter islands around, she shows up wearing this:

Sarah Palin on Lawn Guyland

Of course, what I want to know is whether there was an actual leopard involved with those shoes, and if so, whether she shot it herself. Jezebel says no: these are from the Taryn Rose line, and they can be had on eBay for $79.95 plus shipping, if you happen to wear a size 6. I’ve liked most of the Taryn Rose shoes I’ve seen, but somehow these rub me the wrong way, so to speak; I will console myself with the knowledge that Sarah’s wearing neither Crocs nor Uggs.

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More bionic than ironic

This just seems wrong on several levels:

First issue of Steampunk Palin

In this one, the former Alaska governor is blown to smithereens, which I like to think is a small town on the Kenai peninsula; she is subsequently rebuilt, presumably at a cost of $6 million or so, and somehow powered by steam. She then organizes a team of similarly-constituted cyborgs to take on the evil Professor Greenhouse.

I like the cover art, I guess, but I suspect there’s not much of a story here: if there were, they wouldn’t have had to fill up eight pages with pin-up pictures. Now I don’t object to such things — I have a picture of Susan Storm as desktop wallpaper, fercryingoutloud — but eight pages? Beats the hell out of writing, I suppose.

And besides, if we need stories where hot air, dripping wet, is considered a viable plot complication, I hear Keith Olbermann is looking for work.

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Fark blurb of the week

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Possibly Google-eyed

Sarah Palin looks away from the screen for just a moment:

Sarah Palin at the computer

Took me five tries to get this particular frame frozen. I plead high levels of distraction. (Click for HD [2 MB].)

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American motors

From the “Baby, you can drive my car” files, a very young Sarah Heath (later Palin) in front of the family’s 1967 Rambler:

Sarah and the Sedan

Note the scratched-up forearm, perhaps from wrestling with caribou.

(Via The Truth About Cars, which extracted this photo, plus one of an older Sarah in front of an early-Seventies Mustang, from an MSNBC slidehow, prompting the following thought: “Can Sarah Palin drive a stick?” Shows you where my mind is at.)

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Busted flush

Sarah Palin at Belmont ParkWith the notable exception of Andrew Sullivan, who presumably remains forever trapped in the womb, the goofier members of the leftosphere have now turned their attention, if that’s the word, to Sarah Palin’s rack, and whether it has been, um, artificially enhanced.

Now I admit to being easily flustered by discussions along these lines, but that should surprise no one, so I shall press ahead. My first thought, apart from “Oh, wow,” was that this would spark a call to tax those wicked breast implants, but the Senate already thought about that once, to the extent that anything the Senate does can be classified as “thought,” and it wound up on the cutting-room floor.

And then I happened on this musing by Stephen W. Browne, which started out as a contemplation of former Citibanker Debrahlee Lorenzana (previously described here), and which suggests to me that maybe it’s something else entirely:

At an American Studies Conference in Minsk, Belarus, I met an American woman, a clueless lefty academic. To give you an idea how clueless, at one point in a presentation she referred to the “bearded, Christlike figures of Che and Castro.” She didn’t even notice the cold wave that swept across the room from the Belarusians desperately praying for the fall of communism in their country.

At one point she touched on the theme of how “cultural imperialism” is spreading the “Caucasian ideal” of beauty across the world. (She was, by the way, not beautiful.)

This is, of course, not to say that there are absolutely no hotties on the left: have you seen Mrs Kucinich lately? Nor does everyone on that side of the aisle fall back so easily upon cliché; I know enough counterexamples to know better. I submit, though, that people who find their connection to the divine in the likes of Fidel Castro probably should not be trusted on matters of beauty.

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Called to new service

Sarah Palin is floating the notion that we ought to be electing military veterans to our political offices. (I note, purely in passing, that it was on this date in 1972 that I took the Oath of Enlistment.)

On the other hand, perhaps we shouldn’t be electing veterans just because they are veterans, as Jenn (who also has taken an Oath) notes:

In general I agree that more veterans should be elected, but electing someone simply because they are a veteran is a horrible, horrible idea. Cases in point — Wesley Clark, John Kerry, John Murtha. I could go on but I think the point is made. Besides that there is no guarantee that a) veterans are any better leaders than the people currently being elected (anyone who has served knows how many bad leaders there are in the service) or b) any more honest than anyone else. All other things being equal military service would be an excellent tie-breaker but as a sole qualification I have to say no.

Then again, hardly anything in life comes with a guarantee. And if I seem willing to take a chance on the guys (and girls) who wore the uniform, it’s because I remember the ones who took a chance on me, all those years ago. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

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On the Old Goat Express

As part of her ChicagoNow debut, E. M. Zanotti asserts “I once had my boobs ogled by John McCain,” and provides what she describes as “photographic semi-evidence”:

Emily Zanotti with John McCain

Oh, he was looking, all right. Guaran-damn-teed, as we used to say. Consider this video capture, previously seen here:

Sarah Palin with John McCain

At least the man has some redeeming social value.

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Kailua brouhaha

I’m one of those people who believes that you spend as much as you damn well please on your vacation, so I’m not going to get too bent out of shape at the idea that the President and his family are spending some ginormous sum for a trip to Hawaii. It’s December, fercrissake; Hawaii can ask that kind of money this time of year, and there aren’t any beach houses that I know of in, say, Minot, North Dakota.

Hell, even Alaskans visit Hawaii in December:

Sarah Palin in Hawaii

Probably didn’t spend quite so much, but so what?

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Lipstick and the pit crew

Danica Patrick: the Sarah Palin of NASCAR?

There’s little in the way of middle ground when it comes to Danica. People either love her for her gumption in taking on the boys, dislike her for her sometimes surly persona and penchant for self-promotion, or really really REALLY can’t stand her. A large percentage of the latter devote an even larger amount of time to expressing this sentiment, be it in assorted sordid columns for various publication channels or in the comments area of same.

Never seen Sarah surly, but that makes sense. And besides:

Both Danica Patrick and Sarah Palin have a lot of fans who adore them regardless of how media elements tell them otherwise. There are throngs of people waiting for Palin at every stop in her book promotion tour not to jeer but cheer, fueled by political and personal admiration. Patrick also has her group of followers, young girls invariably decked out in #7 gear in attendance at every IRL race. They’re there because their heroine is there, the girl who takes on, holds her own against and sometimes bests the boys.

On the other hand, Sarah’s never done this:

Danica Patrick in SI Swimsuit Issue 2009

Not for Sports Illustrated, anyway.

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And the brightest

An experiment, as it were:

Imagine that we had a global test to find the most brilliant person in the world and the point of this was that we would give this person the power to be the leader of the free world. After an exhaustive survey, we found a man who understood particle physics, spoke 12 languages, could do cube roots in his head, played classical piano, and ran the marathon in 2:15.

He decides to be Pope.

So my question is now that it can be proven without a doubt that the smartest man in the world is head of the Catholic Church, do you convert? How does it make you feel about your willingness to follow Catholic dogma?

Evidently one of those twelve languages was Latin.

Cobb came up with this Gedanken experiment to explain something about Sarah Palin, which tells me that on this scale, he ought to be at least a Cardinal by now.

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Weird political science

If looking at the contemporary political/cultural scene gives you a sense of déjà vu, there’s a reason for that, says Andrea Harris:

Everywhere you go, everything you encounter, every attitude and platitude and political position, has its roots in the jocks-vs.-nerds, popular-vs.-unwanted, James-Spader-Molly-Ringwald-couples-don’t-exist-in-real-life dichotomy the nation’s citizenry experienced in high school. We are currently experiencing a revenge-of-the-nerds administration — with the sting in the tail being that Obama really isn’t a nerd, he’s just one of those people who would have been a jock but for having no athletic ability. There’s nothing worse than someone who can’t be what he is. We must all pay for his personality dysfunctions.

The one thing policy wonks have in common is, of course, wonkishness.


Anyway, Sarah Palin is, obviously, a jock, and so all of us who fancy ourselves intellectuals whether artistic or scientific or both must be up in arms against her commonplace, shallow, brawn-not-brain, “get your nose out of that book and clean up your room!”, boys-who-won’t-play-football-are-fags, scratchy “nice” dress for church no you can’t sleep late, God wants you to stay a virgin! self. Or … do we?

I tell you, if John Hughes had just started making films this year, he’d be hailed as a political satirist. And a better one than Michael Moore, at that.

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Moving copies at the newsstand

Virginia Postrel, a self-described “bona fide coastal elitist intellectual snob,” isn’t what you’d call a Sarah Palin fan, but she does have something to say about that infamous Newsweek cover:

There are, of course, problems with the photo, which was taken for Runner’s World and was supposed to be embargoed for a year. Nonetheless, it’s clear what Newsweek editors were thinking when they picked it: This is going to sell magazines. (The controversy is a bonus. Free publicity!) Journalism is in survival mode. This is not a time to get squeamish about using the most commercial photo available.

Dollars trump ideology. This is not to say that dollars are independent of ideology — the more you have of the former, the easier it is to implement the latter — but ultimately, as that guy with the ever-changing name says, it’s all about the Benjamins.

As for the charges of “sexism,” Postrel observes:

The cries that the cover is “sexist” assume two things: First, that women in public life should not be portrayed as consciously, proudly, sexily attractive. Male politicians can be obviously good looking, but conspicuously attractive women aren’t sufficiently serious. (Maybe we’ll make an exception if you look sufficiently high-end WASP.)

I don’t recall a lot of complaints about, for instance, Barack Obama topless.

And I can’t help thinking that the aforementioned elites would have a lot less of a problem with Palin if she sounded like Diane Rehm.

And, second, that Newsweek doesn’t like Sarah Palin — an assumption borne out by its cover headline. With different editorial framing, the photo would be read differently.

A demonstration of this argument is provided.

Finally, there’s this:

I do have one question: Is she wearing panty hose?

Based on the other Runner’s World photos, and on an examination of the small number of Palin photos I keep on hand for just this sort of research, I believe that she is not.

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