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Toys and terriers only

One of your tall sighthounds, like a Borzoi, will run out of room very quickly:

At the moment, I find myself wishing I could run that far.

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And this is the way they’ll get here

I’m not saying it’s aliens, but …

Whoever they are, they’re probably working for Warren Buffett now.

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A bunch of Cretans

Trojans of Sparta

No, this is real. Really.

(Via Questions and Observations.)

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A little bit ahead of the Front Range

Maybe someone should warn Sarah Connor:

The Times-Call is a nominal Longmont, Colorado paper published in nearby Boulder.

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Exactly as advertised

“Anti-Math Queen” would seem to be accurate:

Then again, it’s getting harder to trust anyone who says “literally” these days.

(Via Miss Cellania.)

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Holy macro there, Sapphire:

Watch where you insert that thing, pal.

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And an order of pungency on the side

There are several f-words, but only one all-caps F-WORD:

Wong is the US-based senior technology writer for the Grauniad.

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Perhaps in Utah

Other places, maybe not so much:

Births of babies is primary reason for larger population

(From Bad Newspaper via Miss Cellania.)

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A somewhat spotty record

It’s a good club, with some sterling folks on the membership rolls, but damn, people, couldja please learn to spell?

Welcome to the Dalmatian Club of Indianapolis

Like I’m so carefully composed and typo-free.

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How would one measure that, anyway?

Of course, there’s always the chance that it was a typo:

No, wait, it is a typo:

And that would seem to be that.

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This is not for you

There are wrong prescriptions, and there are really wrong prescriptions:

I’ve been prescribed a medication that isn’t covered (at all) by my medical insurance. Since it costs close to $1,500 per month at normal retail prices, there’s no way I can afford it; so the doctor who prescribed it signed me up with a specialty pharmacy, to see whether I qualified for a reduced price.

A few minutes ago I received a phone call from the pharmacy to confirm the information the doctor’s office had provided to them. All went well until, at the end of the call, the nice lady on the other end of the phone said, “You’ll be receiving your first prescription of (Drug X) next week.”

I hesitated, then said, “What medication was that, please?”

“(Drug X).”

“Er … I don’t recognize that name. Don’t you mean (Drug Y)?”

A brief pause, some background noises, and:

“You’re quite right; it should be (Drug Y). I’m afraid I mixed up your file with someone else’s. I’m sorry. I’ll correct it.”

I said, “Thank you – but what was the drug you were going to send me?”

With a quiver in her voice, she said, “It was hormone replacement therapy, to treat the menopause.”


And now I feel sorry for those who actually need this drug and get to peel off eighteen grand a year for it.

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Claims must be filed in person

I don’t mind telling you, I don’t want to be there to see it happen:

Lifetime warranty on caskets

(From Bad Newspaper via Miss Cellania.)

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Generally speaking

CNN horrified at weapons again

Imagine that. A “military-style” weapon being carried by a military man. In a war zone, fercrissake.

Why does this network even exist anymore?

(Via Texas Tactical Hats.)

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Bordering on indisputable

No argument from me, certainly:

I suppose I can start worrying about Line Three, should it appear.

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Naughty > Nice

Of course, that depends on who’s making the list:

Dillard's 60% Christmas Sale

I wouldn’t have thought he got up that early.

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Dirty Trix Dept.

But what if you gotta have your bowl, gotta have cereal, and you’re underage?

I figure within three years, Kellogg’s, or one of those types, will bring out CBD-infused Raisin Bran.

(Via Quinn Cummings.)

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Doing the wrong thing

I’d say you can’t get a whole lot wronger than this:

Spike Lee, last I looked, was 61. And if he hangs on until 95, you won’t hear any complaints from me.

In the meantime, I think Spike was amused more than anything else:

Spike Lee reacted to the mistake on his Instagram account by channeling one of the more famous lines from Do the Right Thing. “God Bless Stan Lee,” the director wrote. “Me? Not Yet. And Dat’s Da ‘I’m Still A Live, And Strivin Truth, Ruth. YA-DIG? SHO-NUFF.”

(Via Kevin Walsh.)

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Approved too soon

Unless, of course, that was the impression they wanted to convey:

Maybe HIPAA insisted.

(Via Snipe.)

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Herb? Is that you?

Oh, never mind.

Area man boycotts store for carrying marjoram

(Via Gail Hapke.)

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Where drought comes from

Blame DST:

Can we get rid of it now?

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Once a year, every year

From deepest 1970, the Cattanooga Cats:

“You keep using that word,” said Inigo Montoya. “I do not think it means what you think it means.”

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Yeah, that would work

This is cruel and heartless and I wish I’d thought of it:

Anecdote about The Exorcist

(Via Bits and Pieces.)

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How the hell does this keep happening?

There’s been one explanation already, but there’s always the chance that somebody missed it the first time around:

WJZY News presents: Rain Causes Wet Streets

Fox 46 is WJZY, Charlotte, North Carolina.

(From reddit via Miss Cellania.)

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Worst pork chops ever

Wait, what?

Maybe I’ll skip dessert.

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I don’t think so

As the textbooks used to say, correlation does not equal causation:

Drinking alcoholic beverages before pregnancy can cause pregnancy

Go home, sign-printer, you’re drunk.

(From Seriously, For Real? via Miss Cellania.)

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Whatever that ocean’s called

At least the airline had a sense of humor about it:

This might have been the best of all the responses:

Well done, sir.

(Via Bayou Renaissance Man.)

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Tar Heels sticking it out

Despite half a billion having no power:

Fox News: More than 500 million without power in North Carolina

Last Census estimate I saw, North Carolina had about 10.3 million people. Fox can look this stuff up just as easily as I can.

(Via @SisterToldjah.)

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Watch your step

The floor is something, um, less than stationary:

Motorhome advertisement

(From Bad Newspaper via Miss Cellania.)

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A handle on things

To explain:

Not terribly long ago, The Scotsman newspaper printed a helpful list of 15 words that have alternate meanings in Scotland. It pointed out that pudding has nothing to do with a Jell-O mix but is often a sausage made from pigs’ blood, that messages means grocery shopping, and that if you mince something, you’ve pretty much effed it up.

Unfortunately, the paper failed to include chug on the list, which is why Mountain Dew UK is being dragged across Scottish Twitter for inadvertently telling everyone that they’re chronic masturbators.

The late Roger Miller was not available for comment.

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Out of area

Some people in the Bay Area insist that they’d never live anywhere else, that “anywhere else” might as well be something like this:

Ad for 10741 Pig Turd Alley, Amador City, California

Google Maps is here to believe you:

Map of Amador City, California

Amador City, in Jackson Amador County, California, has a population of not quite 200.

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