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And not a Z between them

In the P. T. Barnum sort-of-biopic The Greatest Showman, Zac Efron and Zendaya duetted on “Rewrite the Stars,” a new love song loosely based on all the old love songs; Zac’s character is singing to Zendaya’s that somehow, some way, they were supposed to be together.

Matt Bloyd and Rebecca Black have one common experience: they were both Artists on Fox’s The Four, and after winning the right to continue, they were defeated in a Challenge Round. Is that enough for them to sing “Rewrite the Stars”?

The answer may not be a Z, but it’s definitely a Y.


Impatient fans

Including, I suppose, myself:

“Won’t be like this too much longer,” she replies.


Looking forward to a weekend in 2041

I know this feeling perhaps better than I ought to admit:

(If you care, she’ll be 44.)

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Lessons of a lifetime

Well, actually, she didn’t write it, but it’s an interesting interview (about 16 minutes, followed by the current single “Satellite”) just the same.


Freedom to speak

It seldom comes naturally, even if you have celebrity credentials:

At 18, after graduating from high school and moving out of her parent’s house, Rebecca Black resolved to start pursuing her dream of a music career in earnest. But as soon as she began to take lessons and, as she puts it, “figure out what music I really loved and what I wanted to say,” the years of abuse came flooding back. “When I would walk into a studio,” she recalls, “all of the sudden I felt like I couldn’t speak.” It had been five years since “Friday’s” release, and Black thought she had made peace with the demons of her tween years. In reality, she shares, “all of those problems and all of those issues that you would think, or at least I thought, would just kind of dissolve or fade away or not be real, I had to deal with them.”

The path to empowerment, the 21-year-old reveals, has not been an easy one. When she considers her state of mind following the video’s release as well as what advice she would share with a young person facing cyberbullying, she realizes that what she needed most was someone to remind her, “that it was okay to be upset. I see so many people saying, ‘you got to be strong, stay strong, stay strong’,” she shares, “but you can’t get strong until you actually build that strength. And you can’t build a false sense of strength.”

Well, you can, but it won’t do you the slightest bit of good.


Remixed with pride

“Satellite” was the hidden delight of Rebecca Black’s RE/BL EP: a previously unheard track with enough gumption to stand alone as a single. It was duly released, and vanished into the ether like so many others.

Then this was announced:

A few tries to get to BonFire’s Web site fell short of actually doing so.

“You’re gonna buy it anyway, why not go straight to iTunes?” Why not, indeed? Schier trimmed the original by a few seconds and gave it more of a backbeat. Will this be enough to get back on the Billboard dance charts? I did what I could.


The carpet might be red

The film is based on a 2014 novel by Jenny Han. I’d bet almost anything RB has read it.

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Say yes to several dresses

This requires, I trust, no explanation:

Good old Ru. By now, he’s an industry all his own.

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Drop and give me Friday

Scene: a park in Beverly Hills. Rebecca Black is somewhere between yoga positions:

Rebecca Black hits the mat

Which may or may not help this condition:

It’s a situation I know too well.

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Spur of the moment

Two weeks ago, Ariana Grande put out a new single, “God Is a Woman.”

Last weekend, before an onstage performance, Rebecca Black and guitarist Justin Muncy recorded this stripped-down version:

Twenty thousand views in the first two days, with neither unearthly shrieks nor multiplexed choirs.

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Hardware issues

They happen to all of us at one time or another:

Please tell me the MacBook’s battery is actually replaceable.

Rebecca Black punches the keys

At least her phone seems to be working.

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I should have bought her a drink

Yesterday, Rebecca Black turned 21, and like pop stars of old, she had been on the road:

And now she’s back in California for VidCon.

Meanwhile, I’d love to know who set her up, presumably temporarily, with this vintage Benz:

Rebecca Black takes the wheel

Decision-making was presumably simplified by the fact that this car has no back seat.

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As long as it’s Black

Girl gives good glam:

And somehow I missed this from last fall’s tour:

No matter what happens in the next 60 years, she’ll always have “Friday.”

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Close-in orbit

Rebecca Black’s six-track EP RE/BL contained four songs we sort of knew — “Foolish” and “Heart Full of Scars,” both the original mix and the Crash Cove remix of “The Great Divide” — plus two we didn’t. By a considerable margin, this is the better of the two:

And to promote this single, if single it be, she did a brief interview with the BBC. And she has, reasonably enough, a bottle of water with her; as the Beeb will, the label on the bottle has been blurred beyond recognition.

Finally, we must mention The Four, a Fox TV music competition whose second season began last night. RB, singing NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye,” got a pass from all three judges, though the challenge round, in which she knocked out a take on Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn,” got her knocked out.

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Feeling better about Young Influencers

It’s nice to know that standards still prevail:

Bless you, Bex.

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A thousand Fridays ago

Or thereabouts, anyway:

RB turns 21 next month.

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A series of tubes

Yeah, it’s Friday. And I pulled this off Rebecca Black’s Instagram because — well, because.

Rebecca Black's television appearance

I mention purely in passing that she’ll be 21 next month.

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Even as we speak

In (probably) sunny Orlando, Florida this weekend:

Playlist Live hosts a three-day event where online creators and their biggest supporters come together in one place for an unforgettable experience. The weekend begins on Friday with Business Day then Saturday and Sunday are the core days of our event. When you attend Playlist Live there are non-stop interactive activities going on throughout the entire weekend. We take pride in being the top creator event of our kind and are excited to ring in our 12th Orlando event this 2018!

And once again, Rebecca Black is there:

Definitely devoted to her fan base.

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Unlike yesterday, which was Thursday

The Instant Man proclaims an open thread:

Instapundit name-checks Rebecca Black

And since snow and sleet are due here soon, here’s the party girl herself looking all warm and such:

Rebecca Black warms it up

Then again, according to the archive, this shot dates from 31 December 2017.

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No explanations needed

Rebecca Black gives good red carpet:

Rebecca Black at the premiere of My Dead Ex 2018

And it shouldn’t take much to figure out the premise of this Web series:

RB and AwesomenessTV go back a while: she was one of the three leads in one season of Royal Crush, and she still does their series Give Good Text. In a weird interplay of timing, the current episode of GGT is about, um, ghosting.

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That sixteenth minute

There are people out there who would kill, or at least maim, to go viral and make a small fortune in a short time. And then there are those who had virality thrust upon them:

“Told you so,” came Warhol’s voice from behind the drapes.

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What does it all mean?

Things are getting downright cryptic chez Rebecca Black. For one, there’s a new Twitter photo:

Rebecca Black's latest Twitter profile pic

Meanwhile, this turned up:

Your guess is at least as good as mine, maybe better.

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No more need be said

It was in March 2011, though, when “Friday” went viral; I heard about it from James Lileks in the Star Tribune. My first commentary (on 18 March 2011) is here.

But then, I’ve already said enough. It’s “Friday”:

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Barely a shade of Black

This Friday-evening slot has been vacant for most of the new year, and here’s why:

Miles, part of the LoveIsLove tour, spent some time in the operating room recently, and while it wasn’t anything especially life-threatening, it does take time to get back to something resembling normal.

In the meantime, here’s a recent Instagram photo, just because.

Rebecca Black December 2017

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What’s pasta is past

This was just too silly not to pass along:

Oh, she’s back from Italy. I imagine we’ll hear what she’s been up to tomorrow.

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She had more fun than I did

I was twenty the first (and so far last) time I landed in Rome. The high point of the day was, so far as I could determine, a bomb threat phoned into Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport; this was so long ago that they hadn’t yet glued Leonardo’s name to the signage. And anyway, I was ultimately bound for Ankara, and Pan Am was in a hurry, though not so much that they’d blow off the carabinieri insistent on inspecting the plane.

Rebecca Black was twenty the first time she landed in Rome:

I have a feeling she’ll be back.

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Now arrived: the actual CD of Rebecca Black’s RE/BL extended-play. And it’s a real CD, not a CD-R, with a proper jewel box instead of a DigiPak. (And she signed it with a Sharpie.) In small print down the left side of the rear inlay card: TEALL RECORDS  © 2017 REBECCA BLACK. (Teall is her present management company.)

Rebecca Black tips her hat

Also arrived: a new cover, with Kurt Hugo Schneider, of Camila Cabello’s “Havana.”

Schneider, a YouTuber for over a decade, has recorded with dozens of performers, and back in the halcyon days of 2011 put out this parody:

I do try to be an alert nerd.

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The word is heard

Writers know about prompts: you get a very brief setup, from which you are expected to derive a story.

It may be a little trickier if what you write is the popular song. Rebecca Black asked for a one-word prompt, and this was the result:

While watching one of her weekly videos many moons ago, I caught a glimpse of an actual record player at her digs. As someone who got his first such device before even hitting puberty, I can appreciate this photo from RB’s Facebook page:

Rebecca Black in a record store

Eternal verities, doncha know.

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Viral spiral

The folks at Hollywood Life came up with a semi-wacky idea: have Rebecca Black respond to some classic viral videos — including, of course, her own.

Legitimate question: “Front seat, back seat — who the heck is driving? These are seventh-graders, fercryingoutloud.” It gets answered.

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Ready for next year

For some reason, this was posted on the first of November. I’m running it anyway:

RB is back home in Los Angeles. I really should send her a case of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

And someone snagged some live video from the tour:

I still love that line: “If you don’t like me, get in line.” (There remain a couple of F-bombs.)

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