One of the longer-running features here is the Occasionally Asked Questions file, which attempts to answer reasonable queries from the readership, generally without regard to minor points like whether anyone actually asked them or not. (In 2014, I threw in a gratuitous bit of fakery: "If you had a dog, what would you name it?" I suppose you'd have to have lived here for a generation or two to comprehend the answer: "Robert S. Cur.")

What all those questions had in common, of course, was some connection to reality: even if no one literally asked a question, it would not have been too unreasonable a question to ask. If I think of any more of those, I'll post them there. For right now, I'm fielding questions nobody had the temerity to ask. In fact, I'm not even posting the questions: only the answers. If you were planning to ask me something, you might want to see if a plausible answer is already here.

  • Three on Facebook, one on Twitter.

  • About the same time I started losing my hair.

  • Eventually it occurred to me that I wasn't all that much better than everyone else.

  • I don't know if it was puberty-related or not.

  • About fifteen years, if I live that long.

  • I drank more then, because it was subsidized.

  • They've largely faded now, but one of them came at age seven, the other at twenty.

  • Perhaps surprisingly, Wisconsin.

  • It's been nearly a year. Too much work for too little payoff.

  • I wasn't very good at it, and eventually I gave it up. Sometimes I regret it.

  • She was a neighbor and I didn't think anything about it at the time.

  • Bananas and broccoli. I don't know what changed.

  • I had no designs on her. For one thing, she was twelve.

  • As a general rule, it was my own damn fault.

  • Dissatisfaction with the role does not mean I wanted to embrace its polar opposite.

  • Just slightly short of six days.

  • Maybe four, five times a year.

  • The summer of 1965, for about eighty-nine cents.

  • Only once, and he took it well, considering.

  • Frankly, I prefer tapioca — and I hate tapioca.

Perhaps we will pick this up again in #2000, which, at the current rate, will be some time in December 2027.

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  8 February 2017

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