According to legend, any cartoon published in The New Yorker will work just about as well if the caption is changed to "Christ, what an asshole." Why this should be so, I do not know; but should any New Yorker cartoon catch my eye, I check immediately, and I am (so far) never disappointed.

It occurs to me that this phenomenon might work elsewhere, and that elsewhere appears to be "Computers & Internet" on Yahoo! Answers. After three successive questions which could be just as easily answered with "Delete your browser," I decided to track down more of them. It didn't take much time at all.

This is the question that provoked this particular fit of pique:

How to upload image online, and be notified if someone saves image/screenshot?

Where can I upload an image like imgur. But the problem is, is that it doesn't notify if someone screenshots or saves the image.

Now downloading and/or screenshotting an image is generally a trivial task; even Snapchat, a social-media site on which user posts, by design, vanish in a short time, can be screenshot. Maybe there's a five-year-old out there who isn't aware of this, but I wouldn't bet on it.

So what's with this guy? He obviously has no Web space of his own, so he's looking for a place where he can post this one photo — and be warned if someone tries to capture it. You have to wonder what sort of ill-advised chicanery he's up to.

Now turn this situation around, say, 165 degrees. You get something like this:

Can someone know that I took a screenshot of their Instagram story from a desktop computer in the instagram website?

Omigod, what if they know?

Notifications, or the absence thereof, apparently drive some people up the wall. Look at this guy:

How do I see how many people saved my Instagram post?

He must find it galling that Instagram doesn't provide tools of this sort. Neither, apparently, does Facebook:

Someone is unfriended on my fb. but I dont remember she unfriended me or I unfriended her. Can I determine it?

He's already fended off the most obvious solution: "But I don't want to put this question to her." This is an insufficiently rare condition: he's trying to virtue-signal himself, reassure himself that he's really not as stupid as he sounds. It's too late for this guy, though:

If you stalk someone's facebook page would they receive a notification of a friend suggestion?

At least he admits to stalking, which about 90 percent of Facebook stalkers would never do in a million years. Still, this sort of practice is probably unhealthy, and for his own good he should delete his browser.

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  26 March 2018

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