It took almost nine years for this site to pick up a million visitors: Number 1,000,000 arrived late in the evening of 31 March 2005. Not that I was going to complain or anything; I mean, a million visitors? It took almost three years to get the first six thousand. But two thousand five was arguably the era of Peak Blog, and by the first of August 2010, we'd made it to two million.

"Peak Blog"? Most definitely. The competition was fierce, but it was also sort of cooperative: if you liked this, we said, you'll probably also like [gestures toward blogroll]. Almost 800 people showed up every single day; there had been that one day in the spring of '09 when an Instalanche ran the daily count up to 13,636 visitors. (Most of them came to see this.) I really didn't figure on seeing that much again, and I wouldn't; as close as I would get would be a hair over eight thousand, largely provoked by this.

Today, with social media running amok through our lives, blogs are largely overlooked, though everyone's audience-minded corporation feels compelled to publish at least one. The feed has replaced the physical visit: my daily visitor count has shrunk to a shade under 300, though the feed-subscriber count has been hovering around a thousand for a couple of years now. Still, visitor number 3,000,000 arrived today while I was sleeping.

(A word about that count: I have had three different counting services in 22 years of operation. Keeping them synchronized during the changeovers has been difficult; I've done as well as can be expected, I think, but the error rate, whatever it may be, is almost certainly not zero.)

Perhaps related to this is an incident yesterday, in which my therapist asked me to take the long view for a moment. As long as I could manage it was December 2019, by which time I will have retired from the workplace — "though I'll still be working on the blog, of course." Of course. I generally don't go into a lot of detail regarding 42nd and Treadmill. They pay the bills, for the moment; but when someone asks "What do you do?" I probably should give them the URL. What I do is this.

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  1 September 2018

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