To my way of thinking, the only really interesting outcome of the 2018 election — you didn't seriously expect the GOP to gain seats in the House, did you? — was the walking distraction from New York's Fourteenth District, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. No one is neutral on the subject of AOC: the Right hates her because she's an avowed socialist; the Left loves her because, well, she's an avowed socialist.

It didn't take long for Quora, the question-answering site, to devote an entire subsection to her. I decided to keep my mouth (mostly) shut, and went down the list of questions, pulling out some observations from my fellow Quorans. You may already have made up your mind, and that's fine, but I'm going to do this anyway.

"She is the media's worst nightmare because the plutarchy cannot control her. The media, who are owned by the oligarchs, have to cover her so they are going to make their coverage as negative as possible. Her popularity is scaring the shit out of this country's owners."

"We can finally get a millennial makeover — new lipstick if you will — of that dusty, outdated and hopelessly flawed parchment aka the U.S. Constitution. Heck, we can just go ahead and replace it with the new and improved Urban Dictionary Version."

"At this time AOC is like a lottery winner in a room dominated and closely controlled by successful hedge fund managers. Said another way, AOC is just one more cherry replacement in a battle hardened combat unit. The reality is that while she can influence her own future, nothing she can do guarantees she will survive, let alone prosper. She can help herself, but her success and her ultimate fate depend more on uncontrollable variables than on the parts of the future AOC can control."

"She clearly is a "puff-piece", a classic Parlor Pink posing as One Of The People: a pretty, young, Latino woman who can bless her supporters with the virtue of Tolerance — and nothing more. Already, the wiser heads in the Democrat Party are privately begging her to shut up before she embarrasses herself, and them, further."

"[M]ost Americans already agree with and have agreed with ideas that are pretty close to what the center right demonizes as radical. Even on immigration. Ocasio-Cortez is closer to the views of her district than her so-called centrist opponent who was Wall Street's darling and who probably couldn't find Castle Hill Avenue in the Bronx if you dumped him right on the platform of the 6 train at Parkchester. It wasn't that there was a huge ideological shift, just that someone actually went out and campaigned on what people already had a consensus on to begin with."

"I believe that Alexandria Occasionally-Cortex is a republican plant. She is dragging them so far left that they will get crushed in 2020. This Green New Deal is, if you look at it, ridiculous. It requires the revamping of every building in the US, it requires almost a hundred thousand new windmills, and the acreage of California for solar cells. The cost is astronomical and would crush the standard of living."

"I'd say she actually is the liberal version of Donald Trump. Two people that probably know about 20% of what they think they do but won't let it stop them."

Did I say "polarizing"? If I didn't, I probably should have.

I see Ocasio-Cortez as something of a gadfly: the buzz, in the grand scheme of things, means nothing, but it's fun to watch someone try vainly to swat her.

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  9 February 2019

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