The one really great thing about a Paul Simon lyric is that every now and then he hits on a Great Truth, and this line from "The Boxer," arguably the best Simon and Garfunkel track, is one of the Greatest: "Still, a man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest."

Then again, Paul Simon never subjected himself to online discussions of any sort, and entirely too often those discussions wind up with someone — not necessarily a man — not only not hearing what was said, but actually taking umbrage at it. I am not exactly even-tempered by nature, but I try to keep things level online. Sometimes I even succeed. But there are always going to be times when I have to bring out the Heavy Sarcasm guns, and while I cherish their functionality, I am forced to concede that they tend to aim a couple of degrees too high.

Here's a really badly written question, which I threw back at the silly bastard:

If I delete my PayPal account before the date they take a payment from my bank can I avoid the payment?

The discerning reader has already asked "What the fark is this moron talking about?" I admit I wasn't quite sure myself. But the core message here is "I want to cheat a creditor," and I will not let that stand:

If people worked one-third as hard at actually earning money as they do trying to get out of paying for stuff — but never mind, thatís never going to happen.

And your creditor will get paid, one way or another, or the service they provide will be cancelled. Possibly both.

Obviously right over his head; it didn't even ruffle his hair. But he, of course, was outraged:

thats the dumbest response I have ever gotten. 1 - You have no idea of the context/what the payment was for. 2 - If I was the one who was paid an the other person is trying to claim money back then im pretty sure it was me who provided a service. 3 - You look the sort of fat useless kuniving two timing back stabbing slob that owns both banks I am with., Kind of like a politician... or a lollypop man. Just throwing that out there. Enjoy your day Dickhead.

Not at all relevant to the answer, and barely relevant to the question. I suppose I could have downvoted the twerp, but why bother? I signed off with a bit of extreme pettiness and left him on Mute, which, if it works anything like the way it works on Twitter, is far more suitable to my sensibilities than blocking him. (The people I actually block get that treatment, not because they've done something to me, but because I simply don't want to have any dealings with them; the guy who comes on three times a week to pitch the Zero Interest Mortgage, a concept that exists only in his tiny little cerebrum, is someone I will never want to hear from in any context.)

Now I've had people take issue with me before, but they've always been at least (1) intelligent-sounding and (2) willing to back up what they said. This guy? The horse he rode in on turns out to be the other half of his One True Pairing.

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  17 June 2019

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