The Yahoo! Answers site has provided lots of usable material for me over the years, though most of what I've actually used has been under the "Cars & Transportation" heading, since automotive questions are generally either (1) easily answerable with access to the proper resources — though apparently I am the one person on earth who has ever gone out and bought an owner's manual for a used car — or (2) easily dismissed as being utterly unanswerable. (The worst of these is "How long will my car last?" For most of these people, you might as well answer "Thursday.")

The "Society & Culture" heading seems to attract the following mix: two parts, people looking for justification for their prejudices; two parts, people who inexplicably think themselves amusing; and one part, everyone else. Some actual questions from this past week, with the answers I figured it was probably useless to post:

This is not to say that there isn't occasionally something worthwhile in this section, but looking for it will take more time than you probably want to spend.

Eventually, I may get around to covering "Computers & Internet." There are people on there even dumber than Congressmen, if you can believe that on a day like this.

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  18 January 2012

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